Electro-Classical Guitars

NTX Series Electro-Classicals - Maximum comfort and playability
NCX Series Electro-Classicals - Classical Guitars have never been so versatile
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 Traditional design that accommodates a wide range of playing styles

Yamaha's NX Series of electric nylon string guitars are perfect for playing Latin, Jazz, Pop or Rock and feel more like a steel-strung acoustic guitar.  Ready for anything you can throw at them!

The NCX line of guitars inherit many of the characteristics of classical guitars, such as fingerboard width, neck shape, body thickness, a 12th fret joint and come in a choice of back and side materials in either Rosewood (NCX2000R, NCX1200R & NCX900R) or Flamed Maple (NCX2000FM & NCX900FM).

The NTX series, on the other hand, features contemporary-styled thinner bodies, narrower necks, 14th fret neck joints and cutaway designs providing greater comfort and playability for today's steel-string acoustic and electric guitar players. The lineup features the NTX1200R with Rosewood back and sides, the NTX900FM with back and sides of Flamed Maple and the NTX700 which is available in both a natural and a unique black finish.

All models feature Yamaha’s exclusive A.R.T. (Acoustic Resonance Transducer) pickup and preamp system, which is designed to deliver natural nylon string tone at a level of realism that has never been achieved before.