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Offering convenience, flexibility and fantastic looks, Yamaha's Silent Series electric string instruments allow string players to play inaudibly to the outside world using headphones or to plug easily into PA systems for on-stage use. Featuring high quality pickups and auxiliary inputs, many models feature on-board reverb effects for an enhanced sound. Silent instruments are available for violin, viola, cello and double bass.

Most models in the Silent Series violin range come in a choice of contemporary colour finishes and some are available as packs (the SV-130S) that include a carbon bow, case, earphones and batteries. The SV-255 violin is a 5-string version with its bottom 'C' string offering even more range and is a popular choice for players of jazz and contemporary pop styles. The SV-150 violin includes a separate control box which enables the violin to be lighter as well as introducing such features as effects, tuner, metronome and playback functionality.