AvantGrand & NU Hybrid Pianos

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Hammer Action

Few instrument-makers have Yamaha's expertise and heritage in acoustic piano building. Fewer have Yamaha's knowledge and ability in sampling, synthesis and sound development. And fewer still have Yamaha's reputation and capabilities in making high-end speaker and hi-fi systems.

So, when Yamaha's design team envisaged a new kind of 'hybrid' piano - which was to have unprecedented realism - they knew they had some of the very best people to help them achieve their goal.

And achieve it they did; the resulting 'AvantGrand' hybrid pianos combine wooden keys and hammers (that give the sensation and response of a flagship concert grand piano) with vast amounts of detailed sample memory (coupled with incredible sound programming) with specially designed speakers matched to a piano cabinet designed to transmit the vibrations and nuances of your playing.

Three instruments make up the AvantGrand range; the N3 has a grand piano-inspired lidded cabinet and features a sound board resonator for an even fuller sound; the N2 brings the AvantGrand technology into a slimmer cabinet with an upright piano-like footprint whilst the N1 makes key AvantGrand features more affordable.

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