Yamaha Saxophones and Clarinets a price worth paying say Music Teacher Magazine

Yamaha Saxophones and Clarinets top of the class say Music Teacher Magazine

Yamaha - Best Value For StudentsMusic Teacher, the UK's most influential and widely read magazine for specialist music educators has recently published a series of in-depth Saxophone and Clarinet reviews and group tests that see Yamaha's YAS 275 Saxophone and YCL-650S model Clarinet coming out on top in both cases.

Most significantly, in the Saxophone testing the YAS 275 was nominated the best value despite being the most expensive instrument. This accolade reinforces and validates the stance Yamaha have been taking in recent years which has positioned their student brass and woodwind models as ' a price worth paying'.

Currency fluctuations combined with the influx of cheaper but inferior Chinese instruments has seen Yamaha models come under pressure yet they remain acknowledged as being of superior quality by teachers and artists alike and offering best value over the longer term.

Music teacher said of the YAS275 , 'This instrument has always being the teachers favourite choice of beginner sax , it has to be said that the Yamaha is the most expensive in this category but you do get what you pay for. I loved the Yamaha. It looks good and felt easy to play. Build quality and intonation were excellent and the sound was immediate with a depth of
character the other brands lacked. The Yamaha has bags of flexibility and potential, so despite a bigger initial outlay any student could play this sax right up to Grade 6'.

In a second feature 'Music Teacher' reviewed a number of intermediate range Clarinets from Yamaha, Buffet, Leblanc and Hanson. The reviewer rated the Yamaha best overall and said of the Yamaha - 'The 650 gives the impression of being a professional model, with bright silver plated keys and a polished body that shows of the grain beautifully. Playing confirmed this impression. Its sound was dark, and it was free-blowing with just the right amount of resistance. Intonation was excellent, and the key-work was light and well balanced.'

Ian Frankland, Yamaha's Brass and Woodwind Marketing Manager welcomed the reviews and said "For years Yamaha have always strived to make the best quality and most playable instruments possible, and we feel very strongly that you should not substitute quality for cost. Initially, the purchase of a Yamaha student model may seem like a bigger outlay but it is an investment for the future. In the long term the cost is negated as the instruments will last longer and take you to a much higher level (e.g. grade 6) than other cheaper instruments, which themselves would need to be replaced and upgraded after a much shorter length of time.