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We're delighted that you're interested in making the step to Digital Sheet Music - it's quick, affordable and usually trouble free. But read this page to make sure you're fully ready for Digital Sheet Music.


  1. What is Digital Sheet Music? A brief overview - Click here
  2. Making sure your computer's setup correctly - Click here
  3. Checking your computer's ready - Click here
  4. What can you do with Digital Sheet Music/How do you use the plugins? - Click here
  5. Help! Something went wrong - Click here

What is Digital Sheet Music?

Our Digital Sheet Music service lets you choose and print out music within minutes – no delivery charge, no paying for songs you don’t want, no waiting for the postman - and all with very low prices.  It's easy to order and easy to use, but read all of this page if you have any problems. When you're ready to go, click here! Note that due to copyright restrictions, some titles won't be available for purchase and printing outside the UK.

Brief overview:

1. Install the Scorch and Flash Player plugins into your browser, then fully quit and restart your browser (or reboot your computer)

Install the plugins

(Flash Player, Scorch, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari logos are trademarks of Adobe, Avid, Microsoft, Mozilla Foundation and Apple Inc respectively. Aqua interface design is copyright Apple Inc; Luna interface design is copyright Microsoft.

2. Add Digital Sheet Music titles to your basket, go through the checkout process, await an email and follow the link to print out



Digital Sheet Music - Making sure your computer's setup correctly:

Digital Sheet Music can only be printed out on your home printer (we don't send it to you by post).

Before purchasing any Digital Sheet Music titles, please check that your computer is setup to print Digital Sheet Music correctly:

Internet Browser:

Supported Browsers

Digital Sheet Music works on the following browsers but we recommend using Mozilla's Firefox (free to download from here):

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 7, 8 and 9
  • Mozilla Firefox versions 4, 5 and 6 
  • Apple's Safari versions 4 and 5

Browsers will need to run in 32bit mode. (Google Chrome and Opera browsers and computers and devices running Linux, Unix (or variants) or iOS, Android or other operating systems are not supported.)

If your operating system is natively 64bit (Windows Vista 64bit, Windows 7 64bit, Mac OSX 10.6.x Snow Leopard, Mac OSX 10.7.x Lion), you'll need to start either the 32bit version of your browser (from the Start menu) or, on OSX, right click your browser's icon in the Applications folder, click Get Info and tick the 'Open in 32bit mode' box. Close the box and re-launch your browser.

Mac users running OSX 10.7 Lion must use Mozilla Firefox - Safari in 32bit mode won't work with Scorch.

Digital Sheet Music Plugins:

Plugin Logos

All Digital Sheet Music titles require either Sibelius' Scorch plugin or Adobe's Flash Player plugin to be installed in your browser. After installing the plugin, you'll need to restart your computer.

Both are free to download but you'll need to have administrator access on your computer in order to install them. (Work, library and internet cafe computers may not let you install any plugins.)

Printing Out:


Your printer must be ready to print - connected to your computer and with sufficient paper and ink. Digital Sheet Music won't print to a PDF file - trying to do so will use up your print allowance.

Printing a test page before buying (Scorch titles only):

When you have the plugins installed correctly, you'll see a miniature  preview of the music on each product page. Titles which use the Scorch plugin let you print out a test page to check that the system's working. Just click the printer icon in the Scorch toolbar:

Print Button

Making sure your computer is ready

Sibelius Scorch Plugin:

Once the Scorch plugin has been installed, visit a product page for a Scorch Digital Sheet Music title - for instance,  this Ella Fitzgerald song. Try printing the first sample page to check the link between Scorch and your printer (the page will print with 'For Promotion Only' written above the music):

Image of browser with Scorch installed

If Scorch hasn't been installed, or if you need to restart your browser after installing Scorch, you may see something like this:

Image of browser when Scorch isn't installed


Flash Plugin:

Once the Flash Player plugin is installed, visit a product page for a Flash Player Digital Sheet Music title - for instance, this Diana Krall song. If the Flash Player has been installed correctly, you should see something like the following:

Flash Installed

The music or lyrics will appear in miniature form, and the toolbar above the music will allow you to zoom in. If you can see this, Flash has been installed correctly.

What can you do with Digital Sheet Music?

Ultimately, once you’ve purchased a copy of Digital Sheet Music, you can print it out. Titles which use the Scorch plugin give you a few more options...

Scorch lets you play back the music (unless the page only contains chords/lyrics) and many titles allow you to substitute different instruments as well as transpose to different keys. Once you’ve purchased a digital copy, you can choose the transposition (if permitted by the piece), and print it out - bear in mind that Scorch won't allow you to print to PDF printers or save to a file – it has to print out on paper.

How do you use the Scorch and Flash Plugins?

The Flash plugin is relatively straightforward – there are only a few controls:

Buttons on the Flash plugin

The Scorch plugin offers a few more controls:

Scorch controls



Help! Something went wrong...

Both the Scorch and Flash plugins usually work flawlessly, producing high quality print outs of the music you’ve ordered. Very occasionally though, you may encounter a problem. If you do, check the following scenarios to see if there’s a solution for the issue you have, otherwise contact us here for technical support.

 I've paid for the music, but I've not received an email

Occassionally, emails may be mistakenly put in your junk or spam email folder by your email system. If you've not yet received the email, we recommend checking in the junk/spam folder initially.

If it looks like the email hasn't been received, you can still access the music directly from the Yamaha Music London website.

Once you're logged into the Yamaha Music London website, you can use the 'Your Account' link to access the digital sheet music

Once you're logged into the Yamaha Music London site, you can use the 'Your Account' link to access the digital sheet music.

Click the month in which you ordered the music:


Click the order number (usually the most recent):

On the 'Order Detail & VAT Invoice' page that appears, scroll down and click the 'Click here to print your digital sheet music' link:

Allow any popups from to appear, and follow the on-screen instructions.

The music looks fine on screen, but notation elements are missing or malformed on the printout (Scorch only)

Try pressing the print icon; on the Print dialogue box that appears, tick (or untick if ticked already) the Substitute: Lines box and click OK to print. On Mac OSX, switch to the Sibelius area of the dialogue box from the drop-down menu and do the same.

If the problem reoccurs, please click here to contact us.


On the screen, the music notation appears with odd symbols rather than actual notes (Scorch only)

This can happen when Windows has an issue with fonts. In practice, the easiest way to get around the issue is to uninstall Scorch from ‘Add/Remove Programs’ in the Control Panel (or similar). Once uninstalled, restart your system and click here to visit Sibelius and install a new copy of Scorch and try again.

If the problem reoccurs, please click here to contact us.


There’s no sound when the Play button is clicked (Scorch Plugin Only)

Initially, check your speakers/headphones are plugged in correctly and that they’re switched on with the volume up (on your computer as well as the speakers). Assuming that’s the case, try a different playback device using the button on the Scorch tool bar:

Button to change playback device

Try each device in turn until you hear the piece. If you’re using an external MIDI device (such as a tone generator or keyboard), double check it’s properly connected, powered on and connected to speakers which have the volume set to an appropriate level.

If the problem continues, please click here to contact us.


The website page printed but there’s no music shown

When you want to print the music out from Flash or Scorch, you need to use the Print button on the plugin itself:

Print buttons on plugins

Don’t use the browser’s print button or Ctrl+P/Command+P as this won’t print the music.


The printer ran out of paper or ink when printing or suffered a paper jam

If the title uses the Flash plugin, you can try printing again (within 7 days of purchase) after fixing the paper jam or refilling the printer with ink or paper.

If the title uses the Scorch plugin, you have two opportunities to print – if you’ve tried printing twice already and still have printer problems, please contact us here (if you’ve sorted the printer issue and need the music urgently, we suggest purchasing a second copy of the title which allows you two more printouts; please then contact us so we can refund the second purchase).


Nothing happened after printing to PDF/to a digital file

Due to copyright protection, neither the Scorch or Flash plugin will allow you to ‘print’ to a PDF, JPG or other file to store electronically – you can only print to paper using a normal printer.

If you tried this for a title on the Flash plugin, you can try again within 5 days of the purchase date.

If the title uses the Scorch plugin, you have only one opportunity to print – if you’ve tried printing to a file, please contact us here (if you need the music urgently, we suggest purchasing a second copy of the title which allows you two more printouts; please then contact us so we can refund the second purchase).


I don’t have a printer, but there’s a piece only available as Digital Sheet Music that I want to purchase

One of the benefits to publishers of Digital Sheet Music is that many titles that have been taken out of print (or never made it to the print house) can be made available online.

If there’s a Digital Sheet Music title you wish to purchase but you don’t have a printer available, we recommend asking a friend or family member if you can use their computer and printer. They'll need to install the Flash Player and Sibelius Scorch plugins.


The problem isn’t listed here

If you’ve encountered a problem you don’t see listed here, please contact us by clicking here.

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