APACS Card Processing Guidelines

Chappell of Bond Street, in conjunction with many other high value and high volume online retailers, are now strictly implementing the guidelines laid down by UK card issuers and APACS (Association For Payment Clearing Services). This is to reduce the risk of fraud in card-not-present transactions, which are those where neither the card nor the cardholder are present at the point-of-sale, eg orders by mail, telephone, fax or the Internet.

The principal fraud prevention measures are:

  1. The cardholder's address details must match EXACTLY with those details held by the card issuer. This is usually the card statement address as well.
  2. Delivery must only be made to EXACTLY the same address as that registered with the card issuer
  3. If an alternative delivery address is required by the customer, then this address must be registered with the card issuer (if applicable) BEFORE initiating the "Card Not Present" transaction.

To ensure that you are as protected from fraud as possible, please ensure that you comply with the above measures. Once you have entered your details they are sent via our secure servers to your card issuer. The details are compared with the records held by your card issuer, who passes a result back to our servers. If the results do not match EXACTLY, then your order cannot be processed.