Yamaha YHR-881 Handmade F/Bb French Horn

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YHR-881 Handmade F/Bb French Horn
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Yamaha's handmade YHR-881 horn is meticulously crafted to perfection by their experienced artisans. It offers the assured attack and control of a descant horn, yet is capable of producing the big, full sound of an orchestral horn.

The YHR-881 features accurate pitch, an even response and enough tonal flexibility to play anything from Baroque solos to full-bore Romantic compositions. Yamaha's patented 'long rotor' valve, along with an ingenious tubing configuration makes it comfortable to hold and play. The YHR-881 is a Bb /high F double descant horn with A+ stop valve.

• Articulated key levers
• Phosphor bronze rotors
• Tapered valves
• Secure note centres
• Accurate pitch
• Even response

Hammered and annealed bell
Hammering and annealing are processes so important to the instrument's acoustic characteristics that Yamaha employs computer-controlled equipment to ensure consistently superior sound. Hammering enables bells to have a rich, resonant tone that blends beautifully with other instruments. Annealing is a cooling and heating process that makes it easier to control the acoustics of the instrument.

Cyclical Bore

A cyclical bore is a perfectly cylindrical tubing assembly in combination with a conical leadpipe and bell system. This allows for consistent air flow throughout the horn.

Tonal clarity and flexibility

The tonal clarity and flexibility of the YHR-881 makes it ideal for baroque music, chamber music, and orchestral music because it overcomes the low-range difficulties typical of descant horns by additionally serving as a single Bb horn.

Long rotor valve
The innovative thumb valve configuration on the YHR-881 replaces linked valves, thereby reducing friction, promoting faster response, producing exquisite sound, and improving hand comfort.

Excellent sound in all registers
The combination of the secure high register and quick attack of the descant horn with the rich, warm timbre of the single Bb horn make the double descant horn ideal for many playing situations.


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