Yamaha Keyboards

Yamaha NP-32 Piaggero Home Keyboard - Click here...
Pro-Inspired features & brilliant sound quality
Tyros5 - Upgrade to the world's most powerful keyboard
DGX Series Pianos - Click here
Tyros5 Series Workstations

Yamaha have led the way in home and professional keyboards for over 30 years.  We havea full range of keyboards and digital pianos to suit every keyboard and piano player around.  Whether you are just starting out, want a piano for your living room to play every now and agai, maybe you are looking for the perfect stage work horse, or wanting to experiement in the studio -  we have the right item for you. 

If you are not yet sure which way to go, give us a call, or visit our store, where the full range is available to try out.

Try them out in our London store or order online today. 

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