Line 6 HX Stomp Pedal in Red - Limited Edition

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HX Stomp Pedal in Red - Limited Edition


Winner: Total Guitar Best Innovation Award

Winner of Total Guitar Magazine's Gear of the Year 2019: Best Innovation Award

Line 6's HX Stomp is a professional-grade multi-effects processor that delivers the sound of Helix amps, cabs, and effects in an ultra-compact pedal. Use it as a 'super stompbox', a backup or fly rig, an add-on tone expander when combined with other modellers, an audio interface - or even a complete guitar or bass rig.

The same HX Modelling technology which powers the flagship Helix guitar processor enables HX Stomp to run up to six processing blocks simultaneously, making it the most powerful and flexible stompbox-sized multi-effects processor available. HX Stomp is easy to operate thanks to its simple-but-powerful controls, colour display, and capacitive-sensing footswitches with colour-coded LED rings.

External control via MIDI and optional expression pedal and footswitch control provide additional flexibility, as does I/O that may be configured for sophisticated routing such as simultaneously feeding an amp and a FOH mixer, 4-cable method operation with an amplifier, and studio re-amping. Along with over 300 amps, cabs, and effects - even a looper-HX Stomp includes a legacy library of effects from Line 6 M-Series pedals, as well as from classic Line 6 stompbox modellers such as the DL4, MM4, FM4, and DM4. There are also presets created specifically for bass players, as well as individual bass amp and cab models.

The free HX Edit app offers preset librarian functionality and third-party IR loading.

  • Utilises the same HX Modelling as Helix
  • Over 300 effects and models from Helix, M-Series, and legacy Line 6 products
  • Up to 6 simultaneous amp, cab, and effect blocks (including a looper and IR loading)
  • 3 capacitive-sensing footswitches with color-coded LED rings facilitate fast editing
  • TRS dual expression pedal/footswitch input extends creative control capabilities
  • Stereo effects loop (mono/stereo TRS send + stereo returns) facilitates use with other pedals


Additional features include a choice of true bypass and DSP bypass with trails, a stereo effects loop for patching other pedals into the signal chain and 4-Cable Method setups, a jack for connecting two external footswitches or expression pedals, extensive MIDI control, IR (impulse response) loading capabilities, and a multichannel 24-bit/96kHz USB audio interface. The free HX Edit app allows you to customize nearly every aspect of the pedal’s operation, create, save and load presets. It also provides preset librarian capabilities, IR loading, and more.

Intuitive Control & Editing

Despite its tiny size, HX Stomp is easy to both operate and program, thanks to its simple but powerful controls, 320 x 240-pixel colour LCD, and three capacitive-sensing footswitches with color-coded LED rings. External control via MIDI and optional expression pedal and footswitch control provide additional flexibility, as does I/O that may be configured for sophisticated routing such as simultaneously feeding an amp and a FOH mixer, 4-Cable Method operation with an amplifier, and easy studio re-amping.

Pristine Audio Quality

An industry-leading 123dB of dynamic range provides tremendous depth and ultra-low noise, while the highest-quality components guarantee unadulterated audio throughout - from inputs to outputs - whether feeding an amp, going direct to FOH, or recording in the studio.

A Complete Rig in a Pedal

Whether you need a backup for your Helix or other rig, a fly rig that will fit into a duffle bag with room to spare for cables and additional pedals, a convenient practice and rehearsal rig, or a complete guitar and effects studio recording setup - the HX Stomp multi-effects pedal provides the perfect solution. It even fits into the top pocket of a Helix Backpack.


DSP Processor

1x SHARC ADSP-21469 Processor, 450MHz

A/D/A Converters

24bit, 192KHz


Cast Aluminium Alloy


2.4” 320x240 Colour LCD

Capacitative Footswitches


Power Supply

External PSU (Included)










4x 1/4” Jack: Main L/R, Return L/R


3x 1/4” Jack: Main L/R (Balanced), Stereo TRS Send

Headphone Output


FX Loops

TRS Stereo Send, 2x Return

Expression Pedal Connection

EXP 1/2 (TRS, Shared with Footswitch 4/5)



USB Audio Interface

8-In, 6-Out with re-amping (4 physical ins/outs)



iOS Recording/Playback


Input Pad

Yes (Inputs set to Line Level)

Variable Impedance

Yes (Input L (Mono), Right)

123dB Dynamic Range

Yes (Input L (Mono), Right)

Preset Locations

126 (42 Banks x 3 Presets)


3 pre Preset

Processing Blocks

Up to 6 (free assignable, DSP permitting)

Signal Flow Paths

1 or 2 stereo

Amp Models


Cab Models


Effects Types

200 (123 HX, 77 Legacy)

User/3rd Party Impulse Responses

128x 1024-point or 2048-point mono

Simultaneous Impulse Response Blocks

2x 1024-point or 1x 2048 point, DSP permitting

Input Gate



1 Switch Looper

Looper Memory

60 Seconds Mono or 30 Seconds Stereo (at full speed)

Global EQ


Dynamic Input Black Routing


Number of Footswitches

3 Capacitative; 2 external footswitches optional using TRS jack

Footswitch Mode Changeable With Feet?

Via external switch only

Swap all Stomp Assignments Option?


Footswitch Modes

Stomp, Scroll, Preset, Snapshot

Stomp Footswitch Types

Latching, Momentary

Maximum Number of Preset Switches


Maximum Number of Snapshot Switches


Maximum Number of Controllers

5 Physical + 94 via MIDI CC

Adjustment Parameters per Snapshot


Footswitch as Controller

8 per footswitch

Transmission of MIDI Bank/Program Change

Via Preset Recall Only

macOS/Windows Editor/Librarian/IR Loader Application

HX Edit 2.70 and higher

Dedicated Dry USB-Out Channels (For Re-Amping)


Preset List?


Quick-Reorder Presets?


MIDI Recall Indicator?


Repurpose Returns as Stereo Aux In


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