Introducing MusicCast.

Discover the powerful capabilities of Yamaha’s whole-home technology, that elevates your listening experience in the spaces you love.
MusicCast represents the cutting-edge of audio technology and trademark sound quality that Yamaha is renowned for.
Superior construction, detailed design, and innovative technology combine to reflect an ethos of the world’s biggest Musical Instrument manufacturer.
Connect to your favourite streaming services, or hook up your favourite source to a MusicCast device, and bring True Sound into each and every room. From AV receivers, to sound bars, to wireless speakers – whatever your needs, MusicCast brings your home entertainment experience to a whole new level.


Streaming Speakers

Yamaha's MusicCast streaming speaker range offers versatile solutions for any occasion, that deliver sound beyond expectations.

From compact standalone wireless speakers, to powerful wireless stereo setups, creating the perfect music system has never been easier, whatever your style, room size, or application. Controllable with a simple app and your preferred voice assistants, your favourite pieces of music are a mere press or spoken word away, and with bluetooth input & output you can even share the music to any bluetooth speakers or headphones you already own.

With a modular design, a MusicCast system can grow with you. MusicCast Stereo technology means you can upgrade your system at a later stage; starting with a single MusicCast 20 or 50 speaker, you can unlock a powerful stereo system, using a pair of speakers and the optional MusicCast SUB100 wireless subwoofer. But it doesn't stop with music setups - the MusicCast 20, 50, & SUB 100 can also be used as part of a home cinema system (when partnered with compatible MusicCast AV Receivers) with wireless surround sound, for the power of a real cinema experience without the hassle of running cables to the back of the room.

Streaming HiFi

Yamaha's streaming Hi-Fi range blends trademark Yamaha sound quality with the flexability of MusicCast.

Nothing makes this vision more obvious than the MusicCast VINYL 500, a streaming turntable that allows you to add MusicCast to your existing Hi-Fi, or build your dream system from the ground up; connect to a traditional amplifier like our AS-301 or AS-501, or go full wireless with MusicCast 20 or 50.

Access your favourite streaming services and listen in Hi-Fi quality audio, share your vinyl music collection throughout the house, and even ask your voice assistant to stream your music for you. With a vast array of options, enjoying and controlling music in your favourite medium is a possilbility. Build your perfect traditional Hi-Fi setup, while keeping upto date with the latest and greatest technologies with the ultimate source component.

–StreamingHiFi World.

Home Cinema

Yamaha's MusicCast Home Cinema amplifiers are the beating heart of a home entertainment system, and now they're even better.

Our RX-V series brings the sights and sounds of the cinema straight into your home, and whether you're after a simple-yet-powerful 5.1 system or a full-blown Dolby Atmos set up, we've got you covered. And with a range of speaker options, building the perfect home cinema from one place is a stress-free process.

If you want the best movie experience at home, an AV receiver is where it's at, which would also normally mean running cables around the room - not here.

MusicCast Surround allows for our MusicCast 20 or 50 streaming speakers to be used as wireless rears, with wireless connectivity extending further when our MusicCast SUB 100 is used, drastically reducing the amount of cabling. With MusicCast AVRs, not only is set up made more flexilbe, but you also get the usual perks, with built-in music streaming services, app & voice control, and multi-room music.


Our London store

Just a short distance from Dolby's Screening Room & 20th Century Fox Film in Soho Square, Yamaha Music London is the first Yamaha Music store outside our home country of Japan. Set in the historic building of Novello House, built in 1906 for the Novello Music Publishing company, Yamaha Music London offers 3 floors showcasing our musical instruments, music technology, and home audio products.
Yamaha Music London is also home to expert technicians who can set up your instrument to your precise requirements and ensure that it continues to perform at the highest possible level with regular checks and servicing.