Yamaha Maverick Deluxe Piano Pack

Featuring the Yamaha P-255 Digital Piano

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Maverick Deluxe Piano Pack
Maverick Deluxe Piano Pack Maverick Deluxe Piano Pack
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P-515 Deluxe Digital Piano Pack

P-515 Deluxe Digital Piano Pack



This deluxe piano pack features the incredible Yamaha P-255 Digital Piano complete with stand, pedals and headphones - perfect for the pianist looking for a modern instrument.

This pack includes the following:

  • Yamaha P-255 Digital Piano in Black Finish
  • Yamaha L-255 Bespoke Stand
  • Yamaha LP-255 3-Pedal Unit
  • Yamaha Piano Stool
  • Stereo Headphones



The P-255 contemporary digital piano is for all musicians looking for an instrument suitable for both serious practice and live performance. Thanks to its portable design, the P-255 can be played in any place or setting you desire.

Despite its slim, portable design, the P-255 offers a full range of performance capabilities. In terms of keyboard, piano voices, and sound reinforcement, this is the very best digital piano in the P-Series. Whether you’re already an expert or new to the piano, you’ll love playing this instrument.

Synthetic ivory keytops let you play in comfort for hours on end

The lower keys are heavier to the touch and the higher ones are lighter, making the P-255 feel just like a real grand piano with GH keyboard. What’s more, the white keys feature synthetic ivory keytops with excellent moisture absorption properties, meaning that your fingers won't slip even when playing for extended periods of time. The keytops are also ideal for rapid finger movement, so you can play any type of music with confidence.
The P-255 keyboard can also be set to four different sensitivity levels. When practicing Hanon exercises, for example, you can configure the keyboard requiring more powerful touch; alternatively, you can set it to sound louder even when played lightly. It’s totally up to you.

Maximum polyphony of 256 notes - unsurpassed in the world of digital pianos

The P-255 is the first P-Series model to offer top-class maximum polyphony of 256 notes. Thanks to this improvement, you’ll find that notes sound more beautiful when held and while sustaining. And there’s no need to worry any more about sounds cutting out when you play busy songs with lots of notes and intricate pedal work. This is yet another feature that makes playing the P-255 more like playing a grand piano.

Impressive piano voices reproduce the sensation of playing a concert grand piano

The P-255 uses an Pure CF Sound Engine to produce its piano sounds. As with the much-lauded sound engine of our Clavinova, this tone generator features the recorded sounds of Yamaha concert grand pianos. As such, it can easily replicate the nuances of delicate playing or wide dynamic ranges, so you can enjoy the sensation of playing a concert grand. In addition, as the only digital piano in our P-Series to feature the following three functions, the P-255 can also recreate the characteristic acoustics of the grand piano sound in a more realistic fashion.

  • Key-off Sampling: This function reproduces the slight change in sound at the instant you remove your fingers from the keys. What’s more, different key-off sounds can be produced for staccato and tenuto playing.
  • Sustain Sampling: The resonance of the soundboard and strings when the damper pedal is operated has been sampled in order to recreate this acoustic effect on the P-255, depending on how much the pedal is pressed down.
  • String Resonance: When the hammer of a grand piano strikes its string, the other strings will also resonate. The P-255 can reproduce this effect using its String Resonance function.

Meticulous acoustic design for a more exquisite sound

Round speakers vibrate in a highly natural manner to produce well-balanced sounds, and it is this type of speaker that has been integrated into the P-255. Thanks to this design, lower notes in particular have a much richer. The P-255 also features built-in tweeters, so that higher notes sound brighter. In addition, we gave careful consideration to sound propagation direction when positioning these speakers. With these great advancements in the digital piano’s acoustic design, we have achieved excellent sound quality over the full length of the keyboard and made the instrument much more expressive. What’s more, the pair of 15W amps built into each P-255 can deliver a very powerful sound.

Designed to faithfully emulate a real piano

In addition to a simple yet elegant design, the P-255 features a rounded finish, much like a real piano, and is available in two colors, black and white. While the overall number of buttons has been reduced for a smarter appearance, this digital piano is still very easy to operate. And as with grand pianos, synthetic leather has been used for the music stand.
In terms of sound, meanwhile, we have taken many steps to make playing a more enjoyable experience, such as adding spaces that work as tone escapement, meaning that the player can also enjoy a clearer sound. Optional extras such as the L-255 and LP-255 make playing the P-255 much more like playing a real piano, even at home.

Voices and rhythm tracks for more sophisticated performances

While the P-255 can perform in exactly the same way as a genuine piano, it also lets you express your creativity in many other ways. As such, it is the perfect choice for those who wish to enjoy a wide range of music and for players who are keen to explore new possibilities.

Spice up your performances with built-in rhythm tracks

Boasting new rhythm track functionality, the P-255 comes complete with ten different rhythm patterns that are perfectly suited to pop, jazz, bossa nova, and many other types of music regularly performed on the piano. Using these rhythms, you can easily add spice to your performances and accentuate the mood of individual songs. When you start a rhythm track, the P-255 begins with an intro section; and when you stop it, the instrument plays an ending to bring your song to a neat and tidy end. This function is perfect for singers who accompany themselves and for other live performers. What's more, you can also adjust the tempo of rhythm tracks to use them in place of a metronome, which makes practice more fun.

Vibrant range of voices

In addition to piano voices, you can enjoy playing organs, strings, synth, bass, and a wide variety of other instrument sounds on the P-255. This digital piano also lets you change voices to suit individual songs and to layer different sounding voices, allowing you to explore many other interesting sounds besides the piano.

Sound can be adjusted for different playing environments

The P-255 is also the only instrument from our P-Series that offers functions to conveniently change the voice, volume, and other settings based on where you will play. All in all, the P-255 is a highly adaptable digital piano that can be used in many different ways to suit individual needs.

Use EQ sliders to match the sound to personal taste or the performance environment

The P-255 is equipped with three EQ sliders—one each for the low, mid, and high frequency bands. By simply moving these sliders, you can easily adjust the digital piano‘s sound to your liking or to better suit the current song or acoustic environment. Not only will this make your performances sound better, it will also let you to express yourself musically in a unique way. For example, with just this one instrument, you can produce bright and shimmering sounds tones that are clear and highly present, or powerful sounds that pack a punch.

Sound Boost instantly provides a louder sound with greater presence

At the touch of a button, you can easily make the sound of the P-255 louder and enhance its presence using the built-in Sound Boost function. Rather than simply making the sound more powerful, this function allows for a clear-sounding performance that retains its dynamics without becoming any less expressive. As such, the instrument will beautifully project both loud and soft notes. When playing along with other instruments, Sound Boost makes your performance stand out in the mix with clear tonal delivery, and when playing solo or accompaniment in spacious venues, or when accompanying yourself singing, it delivers beautiful, sustained tones.

Additional functions that make live performances more fun

When the P-255 is connected to external speakers, its built-in speakers can be conveniently muted; furthermore, the control panel can be temporarily locked to prevent settings being changed by accidentally pressing buttons while playing. Thanks to functionality such as this, the P-255 helps to ensure that nothing goes wrong during those all-important performances.

Recording and playing back performances using a USB flash drive

The P-255 can store your performances on a USB flash drive as audio songs. In the past, you would have had to connect external equipment in order to record in this way, but USB flash drives can now be plugged in directly. What’s more, these songs are stored in .wav format, meaning that you can conveniently play them back on a computer or transfer them to a portable music player. This makes it very easy to monitor how you are improving by comparing newer and older recordings, to share your songs with friends, and to enjoy music in countless other ways.

Dedicated, intuitive controller app available

By simply downloading the free app P-255 Controller to your iPhone or iPad, you can control a wide range of the digital piano’s functions in a highly intuitive manner. This visual approach to configuring the instrument makes it easy to try out functions that you have never used before, and these functions—many of which are available only on digital pianos—are certain to make your playing experience more enjoyable. You can also use the app to store your favorite settings and recall them instantly whenever needed.

*An Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter/iPad Camera Connection Kit or dedicated Yamaha cable such as the i-MX1/i-UX1is required for connection.



DimensionsWidth1,333mm (52-1/2”)
Height148mm (5-13/16”)
Depth351mm (13-13/16”)
WeightWeight17.3kg (38 lbs., 2 oz)

Control Interface

KeyboardNumber of Keys88
TypeGraded Hammer (GH) Keyboard with Synthetic Ivory Keytops
Touch SensitivitySoft, Medium, Hard, Fixed


Tone GenerationPiano SoundPure CF Sound Engine
Stereo Sustain SamplesYes
Key-off SamplesYes
String ResonanceYes
Damper ResonanceYes
PolyphonyNumber of Polyphony (Max.)256
PresetNumber of Voices24 ( Grand Piano: 4, E.Piano: 4, Organ: 4, CLV/VIB: 4, Others: 8 )


TypesReverb4 types ( Room, Hall1, Hall2, Stage )
Equalizer3 bands
Rotary SpeakerYes
Tremolo / Auto PanYes


PresetNumber of Rhythm10
FunctionsStart/Stop, Intro/Ending


PresetNumber of Preset Songs24 Voice Demo Songs, 50 Piano Preset Songs
RecordingNumber of Songs10
Number of Tracks2
Data Capacityapprox. 1.5 MB (approx. 550KB/Song)
Compatible Data FormatPlaybackSMF (Format 0, Format 1)
RecordingSMF (Format 0)
Other FunctionsPart Cancel, A-B Repeat, Start/Stop with pedal, Changing Voice & tempo after recording


Overall ControlsMetronomeYes
Tempo Range5 - 500
Transpose-12 to 0, 0 to +12
Tuning414.8 - 440 - 466.8 Hz
Scale Type7 types

Storage and Connectivity

StorageInternal Memoryapprox. 1 MB
External DrivesUSB Flash Memory (optional)
ConnectivityDC INDC IN 16V
Headphonesx 2
Sustain PedalYes
Pedal UnitYes

Amplifiers and Speakers

Amplifiers15W x 2
Speakers(10cm + 2.5cm) x 2

Power Supply

Power SupplyAC Power Adaptor (PA-300C or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha)
Power Consumption15W (when using the PA-300C)
Auto Power Off FunctionYes


Included AccessoriesMusic RestYes

Songs (Audio)

Recording Time80 minutes/Song
Compatible Data FormatRecording.wav (44.1 kHz sample rate, 16-bit resolution, stereo)
Playback.wav (44.1 kHz sample rate, 16-bit resolution, stereo)
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