Acoustic Grand & Upright Pianos

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Where tradition & technology meet - Yamaha Disklavier Enspire: Our most advanced acoustic piano
b Series Pianos - Affordability without compromise
Silent Piano - Play anywhere, anytime, silently
Bösendorfer Pianos - The ultimate piano, 185 years in the making
TransAcoustic Pianos - Bringing sampled sounds back to life with Yamaha's revolutionary new piano series
CX Series Grand Pianos - The next generation of Conservatoire Grand
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With a history of piano design and piano making which began over a century ago, Yamaha pianos are among the most sought-after and most popular in the world today. 

Order online today; all acoustic pianos include:

  • Free delivery (using our specialist piano movers) within mainland UK*
  • Complimentary first tuning (within a few weeks of delivery)
  • 5 year guarantee on all acoustic parts

*Delivery into groundfloor rooms with easy ground-level access

Grand Pianos

Our grand piano range begins with the acclaimed handcrafted CF Series concert pianos, which, thanks to an intensive 19-year development period, offer incredible performance for concert halls and studios. For conservatoire, studio and home use, the CX Series offers outstanding tone and response. And, for smaller spaces, the G Series offers excellent value for money. 

Our own grand piano range is perfectly complemented by the range from Bösendorfer, whose heritage and bespoke designs are revered across the world.

Upright Pianos

Our upright piano range begins with the handcrafted SU Series, whose design and build shares much with our premium grand pianos leading to an exquisite tone and reponse. For professional pianists, studios and teachers, the YUS Series and U Series have long been regarded as the defacto pianos to have, thanks to their precision and tonal clarity. For beginners and students, our P Series and b Series are hugely popular, offering the perfect combination of sound quality and value.

The Kemble Piano range complements our own range. Originally built in London and Bletchley in England, and famously using specially-selected Bavarian spruce for the soundboards, today's Kemble Pianos retain their characteristically British piano tone and cabinet styling.