Yamaha Baby Grand...


Photo close up of piano hammer hitting strings


Yamaha offer three different baby grand pianos to suit different needs and different budgets. It can be quite confusing deciding which piano is right for you, so here is a quick guide to help you make your decision.

We kick off with the Yamaha GB1K, Yamaha’s most affordable grand piano. At only 151cm (5ft) in length it’s also the smallest Yamaha grand piano, making it perfect for those who are pushed for space. The sound is sweet and full, and the grand piano action gives you a good amount of control. Price wise it sits in the same ball park as our core upright range, so the GB1K makes a great alternative if you want to make a statement in your home.

The GC1 comes in slightly longer than the GB1K at 161cm (5ft 3), and is our most affordable Japanese made grand piano, the GB1K being made in Indonesia. It is based on the legendary Yamaha C1 but with a few changes in production that help keep the costs down. The extra length, better quality parts, and better craftsmanship elevate this piano way beyond the GB1K. It has a
more expressive sound with more nuance and the better action gives the player considerably more control.

Like the GC1, the C1X is 161cm (5ft 3) in length and is also based on the C1, but it incorporates elements from our CFX concert grand. The German strings, CFX standard hammer felts, Ivorite keys and sleek design means this piano looks, feels, and sounds incredible. The sound is rich, rounded, and powerful; the breadth of expression and colour available is significantly improved over the other two models; it is simply a joy to play.

So, which piano is right for you? If budget and space are a concern, then go for the GB1K. If you can squeeze something a little larger into your available space, then go with the GC1. If you want something really special, then invest in the C1X. Whichever piano you choose, you’ll have a world class instrument that will give you many happy years of playing.

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