Piano Tuning & Technical Service

Piano being tuned Our Piano Tuning and Technical Service offers a competitive, friendly and efficient tuning service. To keep your piano in the best possible condition, we recommend a regular tuning appointment every six months.

Your piano will be tuned by ear to A 440Hz (concert pitch), unless it is not physically possible to do so. Where a pitch raise is required to bring your piano to concert pitch, we will quote for the additional work at the time of the initial appointment (if you don't wish to go ahead with a pitch raise, your piano will be tuned relative to its existing pitch).

How to book:

Call 020 7432 4420 or click here:

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Standard Tuning during normal hours £95
General Maintenance (Voicing and regulation etc) £65 per hour/ £400 per day
Additional Charges:  
Appointments outside of London Zone 6 As quoted
Out-of-hours appointments £15
Parts As quoted
Discounts available for tuning appointments for 3 or more pianos in one visit.


Appointments cancelled by the customer within 24 hours will still be subject to the full appointment cost. Appointments cancelled by the customer within 48 hours will be subject to a fee equal to 50% of the full appointment cost.

Any additional work deemed necessary by the tuner will be fully explained to the customer and a written quotation produced after the visit. The Piano Tuning and Technical Service will book the appointment after the customer's authorisation for the work has been received.

Any tuning discrepancies reported by the customer within 48 hours of the tuning appointment will be investigated free of charge.