An EPTA Event Teacher Workshop - Forrest Kinney and Pattern Play

Tuesday 12th February 2013, 12 noon to 2pm

Teacher Workshop - Forrest Kinney and Pattern Play
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"Pattern Play is the best series I've seen for development of improvisatory and creative skill. I strongly recommend these books!"
—concluding comments from a review in Clavier Companion magazine, March/April 2011

With these books, piano teachers and students can learn how to create their own music in diverse musical styles—world music, classical, jazz, blues, new age, rock, and others. In each piece, the teacher and student first improvise a duet together, then the student plays solo. In this way, the student can first create melodies freely in a rich musical environment, then learn the accompaniment, and then be prepared to play solo. The authors (both music teachers) have found that nearly anyone can learn to improvise with this duet-to-solo approach.

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