Yamaha CBB-107ZB Full (4/4) Size Carbon Fibre Violin Bow 'Zakhar Bron'

Signature Series model

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CBB-107ZB Full (4/4) Size Carbon Fibre Violin Bow 'Zakhar Bron'
CBB-107ZB Full (4/4) Size Carbon Fibre Violin Bow 'Zakhar Bron' CBB-107ZB Full (4/4) Size Carbon Fibre Violin Bow 'Zakhar Bron'
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One of the world's most respected and preeminent violin professors and soloist, Zakhar Bron is the mentor of many great violinists. Bron is very particular when it comes to bow performance and his collaboration with Yamaha manufacturing expertise has resulted in the Zakhar Bron signature bow.


Signature Series

The latest additions to our line of highly regarded carbon fibre bows are two new signature models, designed in direct collaboration with each artist.

Carbon Fibre Bows

Carbon fibre bows have the same feel and playability of Pernambuco bows at a fraction of the cost, and provide musicians a more durable and consistent material than wood. The bows come close to matching the characteristics of wood, but changes in weather, temperature, or humidity have little effect on carbon fiber, making it highly stable and perfect for use in any situation – especially those in which musicians would rather not risk using their primary bow, such as when playing outdoors or on tour. The bows are great alternatives that can be used with confidence in any musical setting.

Zakhar Bron

Our design collaboration with Zakhar Bron – one of Europe's most respected and preeminent educators and violin soloists – resulted in this very unique carbon fibre bow. "From my point of view, choosing the most suitable bow for a player is very important," states Bron. "Yamaha worked closely with meto determine the factors of a great bow design, and we arrived together at the final specifications for my signature bow." The tipweighted balance and 62-gram weight of this environmentally friendly bow more than meet the demands of Mr. Bron's playing and teaching.


Weight Slightly Heavy
Design/Architecture Detail
Stick Size 4/4
Colour Black
Material Carbon fibre
Grip Colour Black
Material Leather
Winding Material Gold brass/Décor
Frog Material Ebony
Eye Abalone/Gold brass ring
Button Metal Band Gold brass
Core Abalone inlaid ebony
Balance Tip
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