Yamaha EV205 Electric Violin

in Amber finish

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EV205 Electric Violin
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A revolutionary 5-string violin which is made especially for musicians which play rock, pop, jazz or new age.

Revolutionary pickup system
Sensors under each string resonate three-dimensionally, providing amazing tone.

Onboard mixer
Level controls for each string and one master level control.

Headphone jack
The Silent Practice™ technology that Yamaha founded can also be used as an on-stage, in-ear monitor.

Solid body design
The body/frame and sound board are each carved, solid pieces of maple providing 'acoustic-like' resonance.

Electric guitar technology
The violin is grounded (by grounding custom designed strings to a custom tailpiece) to eliminate interference.

Gear-type tuning heads
Machined heads provide quick and precise tuning.

Choice of colours
Available in amber brown, cosmic blue and pearl red.

Custom 'C' string
The fifth string, 'C,' is made to violin length, matching tonal balance and tension.

- Body: Solid carved maple
- Soundboard: Solid carved maple
- Pickup system: Five separate sensors - one per string
- Electronics: Five separate level controls and one master level control
- Outputs: Line out - 1/4"; mini headphone
- Power supply: One 9-volt battery


Product IDYAM-EV205-AM
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