Yamaha Silent Cello

Making the Transition

Like the other instruments in Yamaha's Silent Series, the Silent Series cellos can be played anywhere, anytime you want, and with just the kind of ambiance you feel like.  These Silent Series cellos are ergonimically designed to easily move from the acoustic cello without compromise.

Currently available in three models, the slimmer, compact SVC-50 can be easily transported, the SVC-110's design includes the appearance of the traditional cello body shape, whilst the top-of-the-range SVC-210, also designed for easy portability, offers a beautiful, rich, characteric cello tone.

Incorporating the latest digital technology, as expected in Yamaha electronic instruments, the built-in EQ Control allows you to adjust the tonal colour to individual playing styles, room conditions, the PA system, etc. and, of course, will effort blend with the other Silent Series string instruments.

Acoustic cellos
If it's the traditional acoustic cellos you're looking for, click here...

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