Yamaha Violas

An Excellent Choice for Every Violist.

Yamaha violas come in two models, the VA5S and the VA7SG, both are excellent instruments which have been handcrafted, by experts, from carefully selected high-quality wood.  The VA5S makes an ideal choice for the beginner viola player; it has been designed to assist learners to obtain a good sound as quckly as possible.  The VA7SG appeals to those players who are looking for a more advanced instrument or violinists wanting to 'double-up'.  Both the VA5S and the VA7SG represent terrific value are available as a set which includes the viola, a quality bow, case and rosin.

What size will I need?

Unlike violins, normally sized in fractions (e.g. 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4, etc.), viola sizes are represented in length in inches (e.g. from 13 inches to 16.5 inches).  It is generally considered that the longer the instrument the greater the tone and volume it will produce.  As a guide to find the size to suit you, find out the length between your neck and the top of the palm on your left hand when your arm is extended perpendicularly from the body.  Use the chart below to give you an indication of which size to choose.  As a general rule, adults should choose the 16 inch models.

Of course, if you have a teacher ask them for a recommendation.

Length (in inches) Viola Size (suggested)
21.5 13 ins
23 14 ins
24.5 15 ins
26 16 ins

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