DTX Electronic Drum Kits

Loud or Quiet - The Choice is Yours

Whether you're looking for the ultimate in quick drum setup on stage, or for a compact, quiet bedroom drum kit, the DTX covers all bases.

All these high-quality drum sets have at the heart of them a DTX drum trigger module that, besides offering a myriad of drum and percussion sounds - all based on years of Yamaha design and development - come with built-in comprehensive training functions, practice songs and have either MIDI recording capabilities or USB connectivity.  There are even a series of apps, created by Yamaha and available via the App Store, that have been designed to complement your drumming techniques.

Consequently, the DTX Series range of electronic drum kits, offer the best of all worlds; a drum kit suitable for any playing environment from the Live Stage gig to the intimate theatre cabaret and, of course, ideal for the recording studio.  So check out the series below!

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Page 1 of 1; displaying items 1 to 32 of 32