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The French horn is a very recognisable brass instrument and has been a regular member of the classical orchestra from its very early days when the instrument was a simple coil of tubing pitched in a certain key to today's intricately designed models.

The two main types of French horn are the 'single' and the 'double'.  The 'single' models are usually pitched in either F or Bb, have 3 rotary valves and are generally the choice for beginners being a much lighter instrument.  The 'double', as the name implies, has extra rotary valves and tubing designed to shift the pitch of the instrument normally from F to Bb and sometimes into Eb.  These French horns are heavier instruments and usually demand a level of playing ability beyond those of the starter.

Some instruments have been made where the bell is detachable. It is generally considered that there is no discernible difference in the tone and playability of the instrument other than having a detachable bell allows for easier transportation.

Here at Yamaha Music London we sell a range of French horns built to a high quality standard as expected from a famous maker of brass instruments like Yamaha.

Mouthpieces and other accessories

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