Guitar Accessories

Get pitch perfect guitar and bone-shaking bass with our range of guitar accessories!

We stock accessories to help you care for, play and amplify your guitar.

We have bags and cases to shield your guitar from knocks when you are storing or transporting it plus materials to clean and care for the guitar surfaces and strings. A stand or a hanger will further protect your guitar from a careless step or trip and we have tuners and spare strings to keep the stringset in shape.

When you are playing your guitar, we can assist you with our range of capos, picks, slides, straps and footstools, to add to your comfort and extend your playing ability.

Finally our woody pickup range (which include hum-cancelling and adjustable-pole-piece models), our cables and our amps/effects will enable your sound to be amplified and transformed.

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Page 1 of 7; displaying items 1 to 60 of 363