Yamaha Violins

Built with the Legends in Mind

All Yamaha violins incorporate designs inspired by the legendary instruments of Guarneri del Gesu and the Stradivari family.

Handcrafted by Yamaha's most experienced artisans, the YVN200 models (YVN200S & YVN200G) are fantastic examples of the finest craftsmanship that Yamaha has to offer.  Together with the YBN100 models (YVN100S & YVN100G), these violins, with characteric tone, have been created from rigorously selected woods that have been precisely seasoned.  If you're looking to start playing the violin, then view either the V7SG or the V5SC Yamaha violins' all are an excellent choice offering excellent quality at very affordable prices.  There are various size options from 1/16th to 4/4 (Full Size) models; see below for more details.

The V10SG is a superb 'step-up' instrument for those younger performers with design features taken from Yamaha's high-end violins like the YVN200 and YVN100 models.  The V5, V7, V10 are available as a set which includes the violin, a quality bow, case and rosin.

What size will I need?

Adults and teenagers (13 years+), with very few exceptions, will need a 4/4 (Full Size) violin.  We suggest that children under 13 come into the store where we can try several sizes of violin with them to find the correct size (unfortunately, age isn't a useful guide).  NOTE: Children can outgrow violins relatively quickly - from as little as 6 months or longer than 2 years.

Of course, if you have a teacher ask them for a recommendation.

Silent/Electric violins

If you're look for Yamaha's famous Silent Series electric violins, you'll find them here...

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