Classical Guitars

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Grand Concert Series Classical Guitars - World Class concert guitars
CG Series Classical Guitars - Back-to-basics has never felt so good
Crafting the top panel
Preparing the sound hole

Timeless Designs - Crafted from the Finest Materials

From the handcrafted GC  'Grand Concert' Series to the highly-recommended starter models, you'll find a huge range of nylon strung acoustic Yamaha classical guitars here at Yamaha Music London.

Each series contains its own unique offering.  For example, in the C Series range you'll find the C40 - a perfect way to introduce yourself to the classical guitar.  The CS Series offers a smaller 3/4-size instruments; the CS40 - ideal for the younger player.

In the CG Series, Yamaha's series of 'concert' classical guitars, you'll find a range of quality instruments designed to deliver an exceptional tone at very reasonable prices.

The top-of-the-range GC 'Grand Concert' Series includes exquisite handcrafted guitars featuring a choice of solid top guitars from made from hand-selected Cedar and Spruce woods by master craftsmen.  Check out the range, from the GC12 through to the amazing GC82!

(If you're looking for a Micro-Guitar, check the various finishes on the Yamaha GL1 Guitalele)

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