Yamaha CG-Series Classical Guitars

Cedar or Spruce - The Choice is Yours

The classical guitars in Yamaha's CG 'Concert' series feature a delicate yet powerful tone and are a joy to play.  Each model comes in a choice of Solid Top finishes of either Cedar or Spruce both of which have different sound characteristics; Spruce generally gives a clear fundamental tone with great variation according to touch which improves as the wood matures whereas Cedar generally offers a bright, warm mature tone which changes little over time providing a high level of perfection.

The nylon strung guitars in the CG range, all at affordable prices, have been designed by Yamaha's master craftsmen, drawing on their vast knowledge and technical abilities.  All have been built from the ground up for durability and performance.

The CG Series includes instruments for all levels, whether you're just starting out or are an experienced performer; from the 'entry-level' CG122 via the intermediate CG162 model to the top-of-the-line CG192.

You'll find one to suit you, so why not buy one today?

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