Yamaha Trumpets

Yamaha Chicago Series Custom Trumpets - Bringing your sound to life with exceptional response
Yamaha YTR-2330 Student Trumpet - Get the best start with a Yamaha instrument
Yamaha SB-7X Silent Trumpet System - Click here...
Close up of Yamaha Custom Trumpet

Modern trumpets come in several different types, the most common being the Bb trumpet, and usually have either piston or rotary valves.  Here at Yamaha Music London we sell a range of Bb, C, D, Eb and E trumpets as well as Piccolo trumpets and Rotary valve trumpets.

Yamaha trumpets are renowned for their quality throughout the whole range from Student models for beginners through to Professional and Custom models that are used around the globe by trumpeters of all abilities.

Mouthpieces and other accessories

If you're looking for trumpet mouthpieces and other accessories, click here...

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