Yamaha E/Eb/D Trumpets

Historically, trumpets - or natural trumpets, as they are sometimes known - did not have any valves and consisted of a length of tubing and the pitch of the instrument was determined by the specific length of tube.  Over time, crooks and shanks were fitted to alter the pitch and, after the invention of the valve, subsequently a trumpet was developed that could play chromatic musical passages.

Early music was written for these natural trumpets and modern players will come across music for trumpets in other keys than the traditional Bb or C.  Baroque music is a good example where a trumpet player would benefit from using an Eb or D trumpet, especially when required to play some of the very demanding repertoire.  Playing orchestral trumpet music often demands that the trumpet player has to transpose at sight which is another good reason to own one of these instruments.

Here at Yamaha Music London we sell a range of Eb/D and E/Eb trumpets where most come with extra tuning slides to allow the conversion between the pitches.  Some models, like the YTR-9630 Eb trumpet, have 4 piston valves offering the player more  range and playability.

Mouthpieces and other accessories

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