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Which trombone for me?

The trombone is a very versatile brass instrument.  It has a history in early Baroque music and is often included in Classical orchestral works and as well as it being used in brass bands and marching/concert band is, of course, a member of the 'horn section' in Jazz bands and contemporary ensembles.

The most popular trombone is the tenor trombone and here at Yamaha Music London we sell a range for beginner and intermediate-level players, such as the YSL-354E and the YSL-445GE, through to professional models like the YSL-610. For those who prefer playing jazz, then check out the YSL-891Z and the YSL-897Z.

Tenor trombones with attachments, sometimes known as 'Bb & F' trombones, have an extra length to tubing which gives the player an extended range of notes on the instrument.  This allows the player to play below those possible on the standard tenor trombone and, by using the 'trigger', can play notes in alternate positions enabling the player to play musical passages with more fluidity.

Bass trombones, as the name suggests, are generally a larger bore version of the standard tenor trombone with a larger bell designed to produce a fuller tone when playing in the low register.  Modern day bass trombones now come with attachments as standard and usually have extra tubing designed to extend the range even more.

Alto trombones are shorter, smaller version of the tenor trombone which is used extensively in both early Baroque and Contemporary choral and orchestral music.

Valve trombones are usually standard tenor trombones where the slide has been replaced by a valve section.  It is common in marching bands and can easily be played by baritone horn and euphonium players and has been a featured instrument with jazz soloists, more notably Bob Brookmeyer.

Mouthpieces and other accessories

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