Yamaha Tenor Trombones with Attachment

Be even more versatile on the versatile tenor trombone!

Usually maintaining the same traditional medium-large to large bore size of 'standard' tenor trombones, a trombone that has an attachment of additional tubing allows the player to play chromatically throughout its musical range.  Using a 'trigger' valve, the player can re-direct the airflow through the instrument into the additional tubing whilst playing slide positions nearer to the mouthpiece.

Here at Yamaha Music London we sell a selection of Yamaha trombones, from the YSL-356GE - a starter model for beginners - through to the 'next-step' intermediate  models, such as the YSL-446GE or its large bore equivalent the YSL-448G as well as professional models like the YSL-640.  The Custom Series YSL-882 has been designed in collaboration with some of the world's top orchestral players and is available in a variety of options; the YSL-882 has a Yellow Brass bell with the 'F' tubing in a compact 'wrap' whilst the YSL-882O features an 'open-wrap' design.  Both models have Gold-brass bell versions, the YSL-882G and YSL-882GO.

Mouthpieces and other accessories

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