Clavinova Digital Pianos

CVP Series Clavinova - The very best of both worlds in one amazing instrument
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CVP-700 Series Clavinova Pianos

Our renowned Clavinova digital pianos recreate an acoustic piano's touch and sound, whilst adding all the benefits of ground-breaking technology (size, weight and the piano never needing to be tuned are just a few).

The range offers two paths. The CLP Clavinovas feature a clear, pure piano sound (along with several other voices), a stunningly realistic touch and include foot pedals. They forego the accompaniment facilities and advanced recording features of the CVP models. If you are looking for the best piano sound available in a digital instrument, but are less interested in rhythms and accompaniments, the CLP is likely to be the model for you.

The CVP Clavinovas feature fantastic sound quality, realistic style accompaniments and a whole suite of sound and music creation tools. As with the CLP models, CVP Clavinovas also include the acclaimed graded hammer piano action for superb realism.


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