Yamaha Cellos

Yamaha offer a range of acoustic cellos from beginner level to intermediate/advanced.

The VC5S is a good starter cello and comes in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 as well as full size so is particularly suited to children for whom a full size cello would be just too unwieldy.  These cellos are made of high quality materials such as rosewood, spruce, maple and ebony and are hand-sculpted by the same methods used on high-end stringed instruments.

The VC7SG cello is a good intermediate cello that is capable of producing beautiful rich tonal colours.

the VC20G is a cello that is suitable for intermediate/advanced students.  It has a bright, clear sound.  The wood has been carefully seasoned and selected and the instrument has been finished with hand-brushed oil varnish.

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