Yamaha Tenor Trombones

The versatile tenor trombone is found in most genres of music.  Here at Yamaha Music London we sell a range of Yamaha trombones, from the YSL-354E - a starter model for beginners - through to the 'next-step' intermediate  models, such as the YSL-445GE , as well as professional and Custom Series models like the YSL-630 and YSL-881 and its Gold-brass bell version, the YSL-881G.

Yamaha have also designed models especially for those who play jazz.  In collaboration with top performers like Wycliffe Gordon, Andy Martin and Al Kay, the YSL-891Z and YSL-897Z models are high-quality medium bore instruments.

Mouthpieces and other accessories

If you're looking for trombone mouthpieces and other accessories, click here...

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