Yamaha Music London stock a range of capos, suited to a variety of needs and pockets.

Our Pro-Am capo, a very economical option, has durable rubber sleeves that will not mar or react with your guitar's finish. Similarly, our Dunlop capos will not scratch your guitar.

Our Shubb capos are mid-range and feature the popular clip-on action for quick attachment and removal of the capo. We have specialised Shubb capos for steel-string, nylon-string, electric and 12-string guitars.

Our Kyser capos also have a clip-on action. This range includes a capo specially designed for the classical guitar.

Our top-of-the-range capo is the Performance Capo from G7th. This beautiful, ergonomically designed capo can be quickly applied and removed with one hand. The strings will stay in tune and can even be re-tuned with the capo in place.

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