NPV80 Piaggero Digital Keyboard

76-key Graded Soft Touch Keyboard in Black finish

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NPV80 Piaggero Digital Keyboard
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An enhanced Piaggero with extra high quality piano and orchestral voicings, a wider range of styles and new performance features such as Arpeggiator and USB storage. 

Combine "piano" with "leggero" (Italian - "light") and you have Piaggero - a new era in digital keyboards. NP-V80 offers even more performance potential! 

  • Graded Soft Touch keyboard features graded lightweight keys for a more piano-like response 
  • Choose from hundreds of instrumental sounds! 
  • Enjoy playing along with your own personal backing band with 165 styles 
  • A variety of fun learning technologies including Performance Assistant and lessons 
  • Arpeggiator function provides intriguing new musical potential!

Graded Soft Touch keyboard for a more piano-like response

The bass keys are heavier in touch than the treble keys - just as on a traditional piano - but still with the soft touch of a digital keyboard suitable for beginners

Be your own orchestra!

See the world of music in a whole new light with Piaggero's huge array of high quality orchestral and electronic instrument sounds. Brass ,strings, woodwind, synthesiser, organ, piano - it's all here for you to enjoy. NP-V80 features even more high quality sounds for a wider musical palette.

Play with your own backing band!!

Piaggero's style section provides a complete backing band controlled by your left-hand chords. Bass, drums, guitars, brass, pianos - all automatically orchestrated to enhance your favourite melodies - or to add a glittering touch of polish to your original compositions. NP-V80 has an extended range of style backings for additional arrangement options!

Fun technology helps you learn to play.... in a musical way

A variety of unique Yamaha features enables Piaggero to assist even the novice player. The lesson system will teach left and right hand separately - and even wait for you to play the correct notes as indicated in the LCD - whilst Performance Assistant adds a new dimension of educational fun.

Arpeggiator Function

Simply play some notes - and prepare to be astounded as Piaggero's amazing new Arpeggiator feature automatically animates the notes you play - perfect for dance music, classical music - and for adding a new touch of musical 'spice' to your existing arrangements.


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