Tenor (Alto) Horn Mouthpieces

Instruments generally come with a mouthpiece supplied.  However, as players progress on their instruments it is normal that they try and obtain a mouthpiece to suit their own playing techniques to improve and facilitate the playing of that instrument.  Sometimes, a player may choose a mouthpiece with design features for a particular playing style (e.g. Jazz, Orchestral, etc.) and, here at Yamaha Music London, you'll find a range of Yamaha tenor (alto) horn mouthpieces suitable for you.

Which one should I buy?
These Yamaha mouthpieces are available in both Standard and Signature (designed in collaboration with the world' top players) series.  Check below for more detail or, alternatively, ask your teacher for advice.

[NOTE: The details of each Yamaha mouthpiece includes a comprehensive listing of its own size and characteristics as well as a comparison with others in the series.]

Brass Mouthpiece Model Number System

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