Yamaha Bb Tubas

The Bb tuba, or the 'Double' Bb Bass as it is sometimes known, traditionally comes with 3 or 4 piston valves and is an essential member of the brass band, military band and concert band line-up.

Here at Yamaha Music London we sell tubas for the starter, such as the YBB-201 which is also available in a silver-plated finish on the YBB-201S, through to professional and Custom instruments like the YBB-632 and the YBB-632S. Beginners looking for a 'next step' model should consider the YBB-321 or YBB-321S.

Yamaha also make Bb tubas with 'front-action' piston valves, the YBB-621 and YBB-621S, as well as rotary valve instruments, popular with orchestral players, the YBB-841G.

The YBB-105 is a compact 3-valve tuba suitable for students who are looking for a smaller instrument.

Mouthpieces and other accessories

If you're looking for Bb tuba mouthpieces and other accessories, click here...

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