Guitarist Magazine: Gear of the Year Award 2016 Winner


Guitarist Gear of the Year 2016 Award Winners
Guitarist Magazine

Guitarist Magazine Gear of the Year 2016 Awards

Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar, Yamaha FG830 Guitar and Line 6 Helix Take Top Honours

The folks at Guitarist Magazine get to play the world's best guitar gear - so it's a huge honour to win in their annual Gear of the Year awards...


Innovation Award: Yamaha TransAcoustic

Guitarist Magazine Gear of the Year Award for InnovationYamaha LS-TA TransAcoustic Guitar - Winner of the Innovation Award
"...It makes you feel as if you're sitting inside the soundworld of a lushly produced album, even when you're just noodling about at home"


We're thrilled that our groundbreaking TransAcoustic guitar won the coveted Innovation Award. There's something uncontrollably smile-inducing about playing a world-class acoustic guitar through a high quality amp with a warm, detailed reverb. But smile-inducing turns to jaw-dropping when you experience the same incredible tone without an amp or effect pedal anywhere to be seen. Welcome to TransAcoustic.

There’s nothing as inspiring as playing an acoustic guitar in a great sounding room – it makes you play better, longer and with more creativity. Our TransAcoustic Guitar gives you that experience without needing any external amplification or effects, just the guitar itself.

  • Rich, detailed reverb and chorus add to the guitar's natural tone without any external amplification or effects
  • Creates a superb acoustic guitar tone
  • Based on our 5-Star Rated L Series models for incredible playability

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Best Multi-Effects: Line 6 Helix

Guitarist Magazine Gear of the Year Award for Best Mult-Effect
  Line 6's Helix
"Our very own Neville Marten has mothballed his Matchless and pedalboard to use a Helix on tour with Rock'n'Roll legend Marty Wilde, which should indicate how close the Helix gets to hallowed vintage tones on the pro stage"


Since they started out 20 years ago with their first guitar effects systems, our friends at Line 6 have redefined and revolutionised what guitar effects, guitar amps and even guitars themselves can do.

Helix is the culmination and combination of years of R&D and design work by professional guitarists working hand-in-hand with Line 6's hardware and firmware developers. The result is a vast - yet easy-to-use - array of effects, models and simulations which effortlessly combine as you need them to - making Helix the only effects system you'll need for even the most diverse set list.

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Best Acoustic Guitar: Yamaha FG830

Guitarist Magazine Gear of the Year Award for Best AcousticFG830 Acoustic Guitar
"This year's FG range makes one of the best, even better...The FG830 sits head and shoulders above"


Since our best-selling FG 700 Series of acoustic guitars was released more than a decade ago, our luthiers, designers and wood specialists have spent years testing refinements, innovations and new materials. In the 50th year of Yamaha guitars, we wanted to make sure the new FG 800 Series would be exceptional.

Our guitar team succeeded! Guitarist Magazine have awarded our new FG380 Acoustic a Gear of the Year 2016 Acoustic Award - an honour in itself, but made all the more remarkable considering other winners in the category include Taylor guitars costing at least 5 times more than the FG830.

We can confidently say that for beginners, students and long-time guitar players, the FG830 is a great choice of acoustic guitar.

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