Yamaha APX-Series Electro-Acoustic Guitars

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From the spare room to the stage - a great performer

Our slim-bodied APX Series models have set the standard for electro-acoustic guitars for over a decade. Their unparalleled blend of acoustic tone with the versatility and controls of our pickup systems make them choice of performing guitarists across the world.

Their superb amplified tone is thanks to our Acoustic Resonance Transducer technology ('ART') which picks up the warm acoustic tone whilst avoiding the infamous 'twang' and harshness of other electro-acoustic instruments. The top-line APX 1200II and APX 1000 guitars also feature our ground-breaking Studio Response Technology ('SRT') which accurately mimics the colour and response of top condensor microphones to give you the warmth and detail of a studio recording - even when you're on stage.

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