Introducing Yamaha AI Technology



Introducing Yamaha AI

Bringing Recorded Performances Truly Back To Life

For decades, our Disklavier Piano technology has captured the performances of some of the world's greatest pianists.

We can play back those performances using today's modern Disklavier Pianos; more than just a recording, we see and hear the same keys being pressed, the pedals moving and the hammers hitting the strings just as they did when the pianist played them.

With Disklavier, we can choose to change the speed, the pitch and even the piano sound. But, add a modern ensemble to a recording and - without rehearsal - things don't always go to plan.

In an ensemble, all sorts of subtle communication happens between each musician, from the shortest of glances to subtlest of sounds, all enabling the group to stay together.

That's why we're developing Yamaha AI - a system to bring performances back to life, even when real musicians are playing along.

Watch the video above to see our proof-of-concept - and stay tuned to our YouTube channel and Facebook page for updates in the future.