Learn to Play Weekend - March 2019


Learn to Play Weekend '19

Saturday 23rd March 2019 10:00am - 5:30pm & Sunday 24th March 2019 11:00am - 5:00pm

Free Beginner Music Lessons for All Ages

Bigger and better than ever before, we’re giving hundreds of completely free taster music lessons with professional music teachers during Learn to Play Weekend, 23rd and 24th March 2019.

Learn To Play Weekend is a fun family weekend event and it's free! Everyone is invited regardless of age or ability. It inspires beginners to start making music and encourages those who’ve played in the past to pick up an instrument again.

We’re giving lessons on a wider range of instruments than in previous years, including acoustic and electric guitars, piano, brass, violin, drums and a brand new instrument, the Venova!

There is no obligation to buy; just come along and be inspired.

And with music from Debussy to Drum'n'Bass and everything in-between booming out from all three floors of the store - it will be a unique and unmissable event.

To avoid disappointment, we encourage everyone to arrive early on Saturday and Sunday as the free places are available on a first-come-first-served basis.


Free Taster Lessons

Grand Piano Icon

Learn to Play Piano

Saturday & Sunday

Few things beat the feeling and sensation of playing and mastering an upright or grand piano.

Get your free one-to-one piano lesson this Learn To Play Day!

Drum Kit Icon

Learn to Play Drums

Saturday & Sunday

A drummer has the ability to turn a good band into a great one.

Get your free one-to-one drum lesson this Learn To Play Day!

Clarinet Icon

Learn to Play Venova

Saturday Only

The natural step-up from a recorder, the Venova offers recorder-like fingering with a sax-like tone.

Join one of our free group Venova lessons this Learn To Play Day!

Violin Icon

Learn to Play Violin

Saturday & Sunday

With no other instrument can you go from leading an orchestra to driving a country hoedown.

Get your free one-to-one violin lesson this Learn To Play Day!


Electric Guitar Icon

Learn to Play Electric Guitar

Saturday & Sunday

No other instrument has had such a profound effect on modern music.

Get your free one-to-one electric guitar lesson this Learn To Play Day!

Acoustic Guitar Icon

Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar

Saturday & Sunday

Sometimes, to change the world, all you need is a guitar and a song.

Get your free one-to-one acoustic guitar lesson this Learn To Play Day!

Bass Guitar Icon

Learn to Play Bass Guitar

Saturday & Sunday

As vital to a band as the drummer - and a part of virtually every genre of modern music.

Get your free one-to-one bass guitar lesson this Learn To Play Day!

Trumpet Icon

Learn to Play Trumpet or Trombone

Saturday Only

From Classical to Big Band, to Jazz and Funk and everything in between, the trumpet and trombone are hugely versatile.

Get your free one-to-one trumpet or trombone lesson this Learn To Play Day!


Synthesizer Icon

Shaping Sounds: Learn to Synthesize

Saturday Only

Unlock the secrets of the synthesizer and learn to create your own sounds - and possibly whole new genres of music!

Synthesizer guru, master producer and one half of YouTube sensations Doctor Mix, Dom Sigalas will be in store to show you how to create, sculpt and shape sounds.

Basic keyboard-playing ability is highly recommended.