Yamaha Silent Grand Pianos

HJ Lim performs on a Yamaha Silent Grand
Yamaha C7X Silent Grand Piano - Click here...

Ideal for practice rooms, recording studios and homes where noisy practice isn’t always convenient!
Yamaha’s Silent System turns a real acoustic grand piano into one that can be played silently whilst a digital version of the sound is delivered through headphones.  Practise any time without disturbing others, play a range of pre-installed sounds and record your performances.  Easily connect to computers and mobile devices to access the latest Apps to help you study opening up a world of recording and production opportunities.

Featuring sampled sounds from Yamaha’s CFX and CFIIIS Concert Grands
The Silent System is available on all Yamaha pianos and, depending on the model, comes in either the SG2 (CFIIIS) or SH (CFX) versions and each include a collection of different sounds.

Connectivity can be via MIDI to computers and other MIDI-equipped instruments, via Apps to connect with your iPad and transfer recordings via USB.  There are 2 headphone sockets, so that you can practice with a friend or teacher!

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