Yamaha Recording Custom 20 strand snare wires with snare string cords

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Recording Custom 20 strand snare wires with snare string cords


For 14” Snare Drums, 20 Strand.

  • The wires are made from high carbon steel which is strong and rigid, and gives a crisp and responsive snare drum sound.
  • This snare wire has a moderate volume range and decay, and suits any type of music. This snare wire is capable of producing a wide range of sounds.
  • The package includes two (2) pieces of snare tape for installation.


To ensure their snare drums are crisp and responsive, Yamaha make their snare wires from high-carbon steel, which is a very strong and rigid material.

Yamaha use a unique design for the plate which holds the snare wires. The plate has a slight bend in it which helps the wires to adhere better to the snare head, when under tension. This allows the snare wires to responds accurately and cleanly to sensitive playing.

The snare cord has a center core of high-strength polyester, and to increase the strength, the core is wrapped with fibers of the same polyester material. The outer surface is very smooth which helps reduce friction and prevent kinks.


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