Yamaha YUS3 TA2 TransAcoustic Upright Piano

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YUS3 TA2 TransAcoustic Upright Piano


We've used the knowledge and experience we gained in the creation of the ground-breaking hand-crafted SU7 piano in our new YUS Series models. The result is a piano with superior voicing and an inspiringly rich sound and delicate balance. The elegant simplicity of the cabinet gives superb acoustics to the subtlest note, and specially designed hammers provide a rich tone. And the simple, meticulous design rounds out a piano that enhances the performance of professional and home pianists alike.

The YUS3 TA2 also features our pioneering TransAcoustic technology. Through years of research and development, we've learned to master the resonance of tonewoods - such as a guitar's body or a piano's soundboard. This allows us to manipulate the sound you hear in subtle, and not-so-subtle ways. 

At the most basic level, TransAcoustic technology allows you attenuate the natural resonance so that you can turn the piano's volume up or down - something simply not possible on a standard acoustic piano. 

But TransAcoustic goes much further than simple volume control. Want to make the piano sound like a string orchestra, tonewheel organ or electric piano? All these sounds are available at the tap of a button - and all without the need for speakers or headphones. 

Welcome to TransAcoustic.


Introducing TransAcoustic technology

Newly developed TransAcoustic technology transmits digital sound directly to the piano soundboard, thus making the piano itself behave as a speaker. On a TransAcoustic piano, the sound that you hear is resonating directly from the soundboard. The tone generator sends an optimized audio signal to transducers that are connected by a coil to the soundboard. This sets the coils in motion, causing the soundboard to vibrate and generate sonic vibrations that travel through bridges attached to the soundboard, and are ultimately transmitted to the strings, making them resonate with sound.

Play piano at any volume

There are times when the full sound of an acoustic piano may not be appreciated by your family or neighbors. For these situations, simply activate the TransAcoustic mode and the hammers will no longer strike the strings. Non-contact sensors under each individual key detect your keystroke depth, velocity and timing and send this information to the tone generator. Just adjust the volume and hear the digital sound of your piano performance coming from the entire instrument. Naturally, there is no need for headphones or external amplification.

Two World-Renowned Piano Sounds

You can play TransAcoustic TA2 type with the voices of CFX, Yamaha’s finest concert grand piano, and Bösendorfer’s legendary Imperial. All 88 keys are sampled individually. As Yamaha’s flagship grand piano, the majestic CFX boasts a wide palette of tonal colors, from sparkling high notes to powerful bass tones. The legendary Bösendorfer, meanwhile, is renowned for its sonorous and rich Viennese sound.

A broad sonic palette

TransAcoustic TA2 type offers total 20 pre-installed sounds such as electric pianos, harpsichord, organs, strings, choir, and synth pad, allowing you to select the ideal voice to match your preferred musical genre.

Combine acoustic and digital sound

Thanks to their unique construction, TransAcoustic TA2 type allow you to layer the natural, resonant sound of the acoustic piano together with voices from the tone generator. Perhaps the most scintillating sounds are created by combining the acoustic and digital properties of the instrument - for example, gentle orchestral strings seemingly played from an acoustic piano - to achieve sonic textures with a natural quality not found on any other instrument.

Play-along to music

Enjoy playing along with any of the 50 preset songs that come with TransAcoustic TA2 type, accompanying your playing with songs you have recorded yourself, or even with commercially available songs played back through the sound board. You can play a duet with yourself, or you can just sit back and listen to the playback.

Featuring SILENT Piano SH2 Technology

Yamaha's SILENT Piano SH2 technology allows practice sessions to be conducted with headphones. Yamaha's SILENT Piano SH2 technology also features a superb binaural sample from the Yamaha CFX concert grand piano recorded using special techniques to perfectly capture the sound from the player's natural listening position. These two technologies combine to create the perfect environment to play without disturbing others.

Silent Mode Feature: CFX Binaural Sampling

Yamaha’s advanced binaural sampling technology uses samples from the CFX, Yamaha’s acclaimed concert grand piano, recorded with specialised microphones that capture locational information and other nuances discerned by the human ear. The resulting sound is so natural, so enveloping, that you’ll soon forget you’re even wearing headphones at all.

Silent Mode Feature: VRM physical modelling - the distinctive reverberation generated by the entire body of a concert grand piano 

In a grand piano, sound resonates throughout the body of the instrument, producing a rich reverberation that envelops the listener in sound. This phenomena is reproduced perfectly through enhanced Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM). The original VRM calculates the various states of the strings for each of the 88 notes on the keyboard, from one instant to the next, and timing and depth of damper pedals pressed. The enhanced VRM now also calculates aliquot resonance in the upper octaves, and the full resonance of the soundboard, rim, and frame. This technology allows for vivid, bright, richly-varied expression that reflects the limitless number of factors inherent in piano performance.

Silent Mode Feature: Stereophonic Optimiser (Piano Voices other than CFX Grand)

Stereophonic Optimiser is an effect which reproduces the natural sound distance, like with the sound of Binaural Sampling, even though you are listening to it on headphones. When one of the Piano Voices other than CFX Grand is selected, the Stereophonic Optimiser is enabled.

Smooth Release-From staccato to legato, superbly expressive sound that responds to the player’s touch

Featuring Yamaha's Smooth Release technology, TransAcoustic TA2 Technology offers the crisp tone heard when playing staccato as well as the lingering sound produced by releasing the keys more. This provides finely-nuanced response to the pianist’s playing.

Key-Off samples

The moment a pianist’s fingers are lifted from the keys of a grand piano, subtle changes occur in the instrument’s tone as the damper is lowered onto the strings to mute its sound. Key-Off samples features actual recordings of these changes, offering a faithful reproduction of the most subtle changes in the piano’s sound, allowing for a more realistic performance.

Key sensors

Under each of the 88 keys is a Yamaha-unique continuous-detection grey-scale shutter key sensor. These sensors detect the movement of the keys continually, allowing natural musical expression even when the piano is in TransAcoustic mode or SILENT Piano mode. Since they do not come into contact with the keys, these sensors do not affect the feel of the keyboard in any way.

General functions

Connect wirelessly for Bluetooth audio

You can stream audio files through TransAcoustic TA2 type by using a Bluetooth-enabled smart device. You can enjoy playing along with any songs on your smart device. (May not be available depending on your area)

Smart Pianist App

The smart device app Smart Pianist enables you to use the functions such as selecting Voices, controlling the metronome intuitively with the visualised interface, or display the score on your smart device.

The UD-WL01 USB Wireless LAN Adaptor (sold separately) is required to use Smart Pianist over a wireless connection.

Sophosticated & simple design of the control panel

The control unit has been given a sophisticated design that unobtrusively blends with the piano itself. Moreover, the simple controllers allow you to operate the instrument easily.

Connection terminals

The USB TO HOST terminal allows you to connect to a computer or portable device and record high-quality audio without the need for an additional interface, while AUX OUT allows sound to be output to a variety of external devices (e.g. stereo components, IC recorders, speakers with built-in amplifiers, stereo systems), and AUX IN allows listening to sound from external devices (sound source modules and music players). MIDI OUTPUT transmits performance information to external devices such as synthesizers. MIDI IN allows the instrument to receive and playback performance information from sequencers using the tone generator of the TransAcoustic™ TA2.

Two recording systems (Built-in recorder and USB audio recorder)

The performance can be recorded in two different ways. It can be recorded either directly to the built-in recorder of a piano, or to a USB audio recorder, in which case the data stored in USB flash memory in WAV format can be played on a PC as well. Using a built-in recorder is more convenient if the players wish to listen to the recorded piece right away. It allows them to listen to the entire performance of a music piece or to go back and listen to a particular section of the piece. Since performances are saved in WAV format with a USB audio recorder, they can be recorded onto CDs or played on portable music players.

Open structured headphones- produce clear, high-quality sound

The headphones that come with TransAcoustic TA2 type are designed in a way that minimizes the strain on users after long hours of playing. This newly employed headphones contribute to the improvement of sound quality as well as to the reduction of fatigue during performance.



152 cm (59 3/4")


131 cm (51 1/2")


65 cm (25 1/2")


261 kg (576 lb)

White Key Surface Material

Acrylic resin

Black Key Surface Material

Phenolic resin

Hammer Type

YUS Series Special

Pedal Types


Caster Configuration

Double Caster

Grand Piano Lid Prop Safety Stop


Lid/Fallboard Locks


Soft-Close Fallboard


Key Sensors

Non-contact continuous detection optical sensor

Hammer Sensors


Damper Pedal

Continuous detection sensor

Sostenuto Pedal


Soft/Shift Pedal

On/Off detection sensor

Silencing System Mechanism

Hammer shank stopper operated by center pedal

Silencing System Action


Soundboard Drive System Mechanism

TransAcoustic™ technology

Piano Sounds

Yamaha CFX, Bösendorfer Imperial

Binaural Sampling

Yes (CFX Grand Voice only)



Key-off Samples


Smooth Release


Maximum Polyphony


Number of Voices


Voices for Song Playback

480 XG Voices + 12 Drum/SFX Kits

Reverb Effect


Brilliance Effect


Stereophonic Optimiser

Yes (Piano Voices other than CFX Grand)

Number of Preset MIDI Songs

20 Voice Demo Songs, 50 Classics

Number of Recordable Songs


MIDI Recording Data Capacity

approx. 550 KB/Song

Playback MIDI Formats

SMF (Format 0, Format 1)

Recording MIDI Format

SMF (Format 0)

Maximum Audio Recording Time

80 minutes/Song

Audio File Playback Format

WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo)

Audio File Recording Format

WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo)

Built-in Metronome?


Metronome Tempo Range

5 – 500

Transposition Range

-12 – 0 – +12

Tuning Range

414.8 – 440.0 – 466.8 Hz (approx. 0.2 Hz increments)

Bluetooth Audio


Internal Data Memory

approx. 1.3 MB

External Drive Support

USB flash drive

Headphone Connectivity

Stereo mini jack (x2)

Conventional MIDI



Stereo mini jack


[L/L+R][R] (Standard phone jack)





Power Consumption

40 W

Auto Switch-Off Function


Included Accessories

Headphones, headphone hanger, attachment screws for headphone hanger, “50 Classical Music Masterpieces” music book, Owner’s Manual.

Optional Accessories (Sold Separately)

USB wireless LAN adaptor (UD-WL01), wireless MIDI adaptor (UD-BT01/MD-BT01) *May not be available depending on your area.


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