Yamaha Drum Fest '16


Yamaha Music London Drum Fest '16

Yamaha Music London
Drum Fest '16

6th October - 9th October at Yamaha Music London, Free Entry - Book Tickets Below

We're proud to make some of the best drum kits in the world, used by the greatest artists on the biggest stages. But we're equally proud to support drummers of all ages, abilities and genres with our wide range of different drum kits and drum technologies.

Yamaha Drum Fest '16 packs the Yamaha Music store in Central London with drums, drum workshops, drum lessons and performances from some of the world's most acclaimed drummers - book your places now..


Knight | Sorbello | Spaven

Bob Knight, Mikey Sorbello and Richard Spaven - between them, thousands of gigs, hundreds of stories and phenomenal talent. Spend an evening with each of them...

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Photo of a Yamaha Drum Kit

Looking for your next drum kit (or maybe your first)? After tips and tricks to improve your playing? Wondering what the electronic DTX Drum range is capable of? Our Drum Tech Talks run throughout the weekend and aim to answer all your questions...

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Photo of child playing drums at Yamaha Music London

Drumming is great fun, great exercise and can lead to huge opportunities. With our Silent DTX Drum Kits, you can learn to play anywhere at anytime - make a start with a free drum lesson during Yamaha Drum Fest '16!

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Virtual Reality Experience

See the world through the eyes of top drummer Steve Gadd using in our new Virtual Reality Drum Experience...

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Acoustic Drum Kit

Our acoustic drum kits are seen in the top music studios and on the biggest stadium tours. But they're also played in local venues, rehearsal rooms, classrooms and garages. Discover for yourself what makes Yamaha acoustic drums so playable.


DTX Drum Pads

Want a kit for your kid to use in their room? Or need to practice late at night without waking up the family (and neighbours)? Or looking for ways to augment your acoustic kit with effects and samples? DTX Technology is the answer - try it instore at Yamaha Drum Fest '16.