Yamaha Guitar Workshop in the heart of London


Guitar Workshop at Yamaha Music London

Guitar Workshop at Yamaha Music London

Professional Guitar Setups in the Heart of London

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A professionally-setup guitar can play like a dream - with every note flowing into the next as you concentrate purely on how it should sound.

Conversely, a poorly-setup guitar can appear to fight every strum and every pick, forcing you to alter how you play and therefore compromising your performance. For a beginner, this can be devastating - a potential Hendrix or Orianthi could be put off for life.

We're proud that all Yamaha guitars - acoustic, electric, bass and Silent models - have a richly-deserved reputation for excellent craftsmanship, high build quality, superb playability and consistent performance.

'This guitar needed much attention. I had to take it to Doctor Drennan's - Surgery at Yamaha Music's guitar workshop. it looks great, sounds Brilliant. just talking to Steve. I have learnt so much just by bringing the guitar here. keep up the great work Steve, thanks again Hugh'

But it's still worthwhile having a new guitar professionally set up. Within the Yamaha Music London store on Wardour Street, we have our own Guitar Workshop, ensuring that virtually every guitar has been checked over before it's put on display or leaves the store with a customer.

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you for the fabulous job you did on my vintage Yamaha FG-110 last week, and for all your advice and guidance.  The guitar - now nearly fifty years old - plays like a dream and sounds like a different instrument altogether.  Outstanding!

For guitarists with specific preferences on playability, our Guitar Workshop team are ready to work with you to get the perfect setup for your new or existing Yamaha guitar.

And, when your Yamaha guitar needs modification or repair, the Guitar Workshop is ready to help.

  • Professional Guitar Setup
  • Guitar Health Check
  • Guitar Repair & Maintenance
  • Guitar Restringing

Contact the Yamaha Music London store for more information or to make an appointment with a guitar technician:

Guitar Workshop 'How To' Guides

There's a first time for everything - if you've never changed the strings on your guitar before, or you're yet to tune it, our video guides are here to help...

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