Wins for Revstar Electric Guitars & YEV Series Electric Violins at the Trusted Music Store Awards 2016


Trusted Music Store Product Awards 2016
Trophy for Best Bowed Instrument

MIA Trusted Music Store Awards 2016

Yamaha Revstar Electric Guitars & YEV Series Electric Violins Take Top Honours

The Music Industries Association - or 'MIA' - is made up of the myriad musical instrument makers and retailers based in or operating within the UK. On 25th November 2016, the MIA held its annual Gala Dinner and Trusted Music Store Awards. We were delighted to win 'Best Electric Guitar Range' for our groundbreaking Revstar models and 'Best Bowed Instrument' for our stunning YEV Series electric violins!


Best Electric Guitar Range: Yamaha Revstar

Trusted Music Store Awards 2016Yamaha Revstar - Winner of the Best Electric Guitar Range Award
"...When you strap on one of their new Revstar series, Yamaha takes players for one hell of a ride - GOLD AWARD!"

Guitar World Magazine


Different. Interesting. Inspiring.

Drawing inspiration from London and Tokyo’s vintage street-racing motorbikes, Japan’s heritage of engineering excellence, and our 50-year history of guitar craftsmanship, every detail of every Revstar model been carefully engineered to bring out the unique personality of each guitar in the lineup. From the curves and contours of the ground-up body design to the distinctive colours and finishes and custom-wound pickups that perfectly match the guitar’s character, the Revstar collection comprises a diverse lineup of instruments as unique as the guitarists who play them. This is Revstar.

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Best Bowed Instrument: Yamaha YEV Series Electric Violins

Trusted Music Store Award for Best Bowed InstrumentYamaha YEV-104
"It's a beautiful-looking fiddle; the violin has always been a model of symmetry and perfect dimensions, both physical and tonal so there's a certain deep appeal to the fact that the frame of this electric violin is based on the Möbius strip - an infinite loop, made of wood."

Laurie Niles,


Looking like no other violin and yet capturing the essence of tradition, the YEV Series Electric Violins feature a stunning multi-tonewood body and frame with a high quality pickup; perfect for on-stage performance as well as studio work and home practice. The YEV is an instrument that allows violinists to explore and enjoy genres beyond the classics.

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