Yamaha Montage Synthesizer Awarded Gold Award - Best Hardware by Music Tech Magazine


Music Tech Magazine Gear of the Year Awards 2016
Yamaha UK's Chris Irvine receives the award for Best Hardware

Music Tech Magazine Awards 2016

Groundbreaking Yamaha Montage Synthesizer Wins Gold Award for Best Hardware

The folks at Music Tech Magazine get to try out the world's greatest studio and music production instruments and gear - so it's a huge honour to win in their annual awards!


Gold Award - Best Hardware: Yamaha Montage Synthesizer

GOLD WINNER: Yamaha Montage, Best Hardware
"Montage is a triumph in so many ways. How could Yamaha manage to update Motif XF and produce something which the range didn’t already have covered? Two massive synth engines and stacks of sounds; loads of hands-on controllers; huge Live Sets that comprise different performances for live play...Bottom line? Montage is the mother of all synths: climb on board. GOLD AWARD"

Andy Jones, Music Tech Magazine


Two of the most widely used and popular synthesizers in history: the Yamaha Motif and the Yamaha DX. Both quickly proved to be class-leaders; both are hugely powerful. The realm of the Motif is the acoustic and the electric - perfectly capturing the world's musical tonal palettes of every genre. The domain of the DX is pure sonic creation; the formation of sounds never before heard or imagined; raw, wild and generation-defining.

For Montage, we pushed and developed both sound engines further than ever before. From hyper-realism to like-nothing-else-on-Earth, the possibilities are endless with Montage. And, to bring both sound engines together, we've developed Motion Control Synthesis - truly putting sonic power in your hands...

It's the start of a new era - one which combines the realism and playability of our class-leading Motif XF with the power and sonic creation only Yamaha FM synthesis can bring - and that powered the world-beating DX7. Montage sets the next milestone with sophisticated dynamic control, massive sound creation and streamlined workflow.

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