The Silent Sessions: Eren Onsoy


The Silent Sessions

Yamaha Music Presents

The Silent Piano Sessions: Eren Önsoy

14th September 2017, 6:30pm at Yamaha Music London

Hear the piano like never before. Performing on our highly acclaimed Silent Piano - a true acoustic piano with our pioneering Silent Technology - only by listening through the wireless headphones provided will you be able to hear the playing of exceptionally talented composer Eren Önsoy.

With his films regularly going onto win awards, Önsoy's diverse soundtrack style is in high demand. See the master bring his work to life in this intimate concert.

Whilst the performance is 100% Önsoy, the sound you'll hear is that of the world-class CFX Concert Grand - a grand piano 19 years in the making with stunning clarity and pureness of tone. Places are limited and sure to fill up fast; book your free place now to avoid disappointment.

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Eren Önsoy

Eren Önsoy

Önsoy has written music for award-winning films, featured at such festivals as San Sebastian Film Festival, IDFA Documentary Festival, Palm Springs and Cannes Film Festival. His recent works include the short, Mechul (Cannes Film Festival 2017), Dutch TV Documentary Four Winters of Theo van den Boogaard and the IDFA Audience Prize Winner, Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf for Best Documentary Feature nominated film, Naziha's Spring. Önsoy has also written music for many shorts and animations, including the film entitled, Onno the Oblivious, which won the 'Orona Award' for 'The Most Cutting Edge Film' at the 62nd San Sebastian Film Festival, and English National Opera commissioned award-winning animation, Leonor.

Önsoy received a Masters in Composition for Screen from the Royal College of Music in London (Soirée d'Or Scholar supported by a Clifton Parker Award), a Bachelor’s in Jazz Piano and a Master’s in Composing for Film from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. He has had his concert works performed in various venues, including the Amsterdam Grachten Festival. As a performer he has participated at the Tetouan 13th International Oud Festival in Morrocco, as well as the Istanbul International Improvisation Festival.

Through the years Eren Önsoy has become well-versed in many different musical languages, including jazz, contemporary music, and electronica. He is currently writing the score for his third feature film, Nocturne, directed by Viktor van der Valk.

Pianist playing a Silent piano using headphones

What are Silent Pianos?

Silent Technology allows you to play a real acoustic piano with headphones at any time, day or night without being disturbed or disturbing others.

For our Silent pianos, our prime goal was to make a beautiful true acoustic piano, built with the knowledge and skill of over 100 years of Yamaha piano crafting. We then add our class-leading Silent Technology which allows you to play the piano using headphones - making the piano silent to anyone else in the room. Silent Technology, when activated, captures every movement and nuance of the piano keys, hammers and pedals as you play, using a highly sophisticated sensor-technology. Crucially, it also brings each hammer to a stop before it can strike the strings. All of those movements are instantly translated by the Silent Module which sends an authentic piano tone to your headphones.

The Silent pianos possess many other features, including a range of pre-installed sounds and connectivity to mobile devices with the latest apps.