Yamaha DTX Electronic Drum Kits - The Range

DTX400 Series electronic drum kits

The entry-level DTX400 Series of electronic drum kits include the best sounds from the our flagship DTX models and feature a new interactive drum-training system - ideal for practising and improving your drumming.  The range currently includes the DTX400, DTX430 and DTX450, with prices starting from ¬£325.00Yamaha Electronic Drum Kits DTX400

  • The DTX 400K includes a silent pedal
  • The DTX 430K has all the features of the DTX 400 plus a real drum pedal and kick tower.
  • The DTX 450K has all the features of the DTX 430 plus a 3-zone snare pad with multiple sounds, giving even more expressive capability to the kit.


DTX502 Series electronic drum kits

The next level up from the DTX 400 Series is the DTX502 Series.  The DTX-PADs in this series have a great sound quality and highly expressive playability that is close to acoustic drums, can easily integrate into a hybrid drumkit.

Yamaha Electronic Drum Kits DTX502

Currently, the DTX502 Series range of electronic drum sets comprises four models, the DTX522K, DTX532K, DTX542K and the DTX562K.  Each of them are all based around the DTX502 module that includes 691 drum, percussion and effect sounds with built-in comprehensive training functions, practice songs and easy MIDI recording. The USB port allows plug and play control of VSTi software and lets you import custom wave files. So whatever the gig requires you get the best performance sounds to choose from.

DTX700 Series electronic drum kits

Yamaha Electronic Drum Kits DTX700

Cleverly smart and gracefully powerful, the DTX700 series comprises the DTX700K and DTX750K.  These kits feature all DTX-PADs for snare, tom toms and floor tom, a real hi-hat controller and 3-zone cymbals.  Each of them is built around the DTX700 drum trigger module, which includes over 1,300 drum and percussion voices with built-in comprehensive training functions, practice songs and connectivity via USB.
The DTX700K, in contrast to the DTX750K, uses the new XP70 as toms (7.5 inch) and a XP80 as a snare making it even more compact while maintaining a great professional feel & sound.
The DTX750K is a professional electronic drum set with serious performance qualities and music production capability.

DTX900 Series electronic drum kits

Yamaha's DTX900 Series drum kits are considered to be pinnacle of electronic drumming technology.  Fully equipped with next-generation DTX-PAD drum pads that Yamaha have created using their own experience of designing acoustic drums over many years to produce drum pads that feel good when you play them, that work well in performances, and that are fantastically quiet.

Yamaha Electronic Drum Kits DTX900

At the heart of the DTX900 Series drumsets is the DTX900 drum trigger module, a high quality tone generator descended directly from the world-renowned MOTIF Series synthesizers.
Beside having over 1,300 drum and percussion voices, this versatile module is capable of importing and layering samples from third-party DTX sounds and compatible VST instruments.  And, of course, it still includes the built-in comprehensive training functions, practice songs and connectivity via USB.

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