Yamaha introduces SessionCake


SessionCake: A New Fun Way to Rehearse, Jam, Practice & Record.

Introducing the SC-01 and SC-02 SessionCake Boxes

Getting the band together or even practising by yourself isn't always as easy as it sounds. Conflicting schedules, space restrictions, and easily-disturbed family and neighbours can all stop a jam session from even getting started. SessionCake is the affordable, ultra-portable, and flexible way for musicians who don’t have the time, budget, or rehearsal room to really cut loose when they practice alone or jam with friends. You can connect an iOS device as an effects unit or to play along with your favorite tunes, and you can link up to eight SessionCake boxes for a full-blown jam session or rehearsal with your friends or bandmates.

Photo of a SessionCake session with a group of friends

Session with your Friends

Connect up to 8 SessionCake boxes for the ultimate easy jam or rehearsal.

Photo of a SessionCake with an iPad connected

Session with your Music Library

Connect an portable music player to the SessionCake box using a standard Aux cable.

Photo of the SessionCake being used with iOS apps

Connect to Music Apps

Connect smart devices (which feature a stereo minijack output) to the SessionCake

Photo of the SessionCake being used a guitar

Control your mix

SessionCake makes it easy to control how much of your own playing you hear, relative to the overall mix.

Photo of a SessionCake recording into an iPad app

Record into iPad Apps

Using the SessionCake's line out, you can record into iOS music apps such as Cubasis and Garageband.

Photo of a SessionCake recording into an iPad app

Use an iPad as an Effects System

Using an iPad's audio connection, you can use the various effects apps from the App Store in your SessionCake session.

Photo of a SessionCake recording into an iPad app

Battery-Powered for Portability

No need to worry where the nearest power socket is - SessionCake is battery powered for complete portability.

Photo of a SessionCake being put into a rucksack

Brilliantly Compact

Small enough to carry in a rucksack or bag, it's easy to take a SessionCake box wherever you go.


SC-01 SessionCake box

SessionCake SC-01: The Guitar & Bass Box

No amp, no cabinet, no pedals… just a guitar or bass, some headphones and the SessionCake SC-01 box are all you need for intensive individual practice or a full-blown rehearsal or jam session. Connect up to 8 SessionCakes together to create a fully featured mixing system where everyone can create the mix that works for them. Portable, lightweight, battery powered, and equipped with a Hi-Z input, the SC-01 also features an AUX-in port that allows you to use an iOS device as an effector, or play along with your music library.


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SC-02 SessionCake box

SessionCake SC-02: The Keyboard, Synth & Vocals Box

SessionCake SC-02 adds vocalists, keyboardists, and digital instruments to the mix with XLR and stereo left (mono) and right (Hi-Z) inputs, as well as a GAIN (MIC) control for dynamic microphones.


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